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Easy Butter Fish Tacos

Makes 8 Tacos

For the Fish
1 lb.   Mahi Mahi or Cod (Cut into 2 oz strips)
¼ tsp  Blackening Seasoning
2 oz.   Easy Butter Canna-Oil

For the Tacos
8 oz.   Cole slaw mix
1 oz.   Lime Juice
1 ea.    Avocado, sliced into 16 slices
2 ea.    Limes cut each lime into 8 wedges
4 oz.    Cotija Cheese
1 Tbl    Pickled Red Onions
4 ea.    4 1/2″ Flour tortillas

1. Season fish with canna oil and blackening seasoning and Sauté fish portions in canna-oil until golden brown.
2. Mix Cole slaw mix with 1 oz. lime juice, salt and black pepper.
3. Warm tortillas and place on cutting board.
4. Assemble tacos and top With 1 cojita cheese and Pickled red onion.

fish tacos

Free shipping on purchases over $50!