4 kiwis, ripe, peeled and sliced
4 tablespoons Easy Butter Infused coconut-oil
16 ounces Milk, dark or white chocolate, broken into small pieces

1. Slice a small slit into the side of each kiwi slice, and insert a stick.
2. Place the kiwi pops onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet, and put in the freezer until kiwi slices are frozen solid (1-2 hours).
3. Combine the chocolate with the Easy Butter Infused coconut-oil in a double boiler, and heat until melted.
4. Dip frozen kiwi pops into chocolate, one at a time.
5. Place chocolate dipped kiwi back on parchment paper lined baking sheet.
6. Once all kiwis have been dipped in chocolate, place baking sheet back into the freezer until hard and crisp (30-60 minutes)